First Aiders Are Learning CPR And End Up Blowing A Big Black Cock!

First Aid Training from PureCFNM

First aider Chantelle is trying to demonstrate to three novice girls how to do mouth to mouth. Sadly the women don’t actually understand mouth to mouth and just start french kissing the male test case! With all the women leaning over in their yoga pants and snogging him he gets a hard on and the girls are amazed by the girth of it. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as they tug his clothes down and each have a go to jerk and taste his big interracial dick. As soon as they all jerk his cock together he shoots on their hands!

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Girls Confiscate Guy’s Clothes Then Force Him To Give Them His Cock To Win Them Back!

Stolen Clothes from PureCFNM

Axel is sunbathing in the nude by the shore of a private lake when three girls find him. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when they gently sneak up and steal his clothes. Shortly afterwards they walk out and challenge him about what he’s doing. The defenseless guy is surprised to find his clothes missing but thinks something is fishy when the females offer to help him get them back if they get to look at his dick! He lets them see and their eyes light up. They then push him to the floor and each have a go to stroke and suck his huge cock until he shoots for them!

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MILF Shows Young Girl How To Suck A Huge Cock

Blowjob Fears from PureCFNM

Mona is attending a sex counselor because she is worried about blowjobs – she is terrified of them and also wishes to learn how to perform them well. Expert Cindy tells her that her 3 month process is really expensive but Mona explains to her that payment is no issue. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place as Cindy chooses to begin right then and calls for nude male dummy Ben. Cindy teaches her how to stroke and taste a large penis and when they both join forces on him, the pulsating penis explodes a large orgasm for them.

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Girls Take Towel From Nude Man Then Give Him A Joint Blowjob

Spanish Shower from PureCFNM

When Carlos comes out of the bathroom he is shocked to find Star and Melody lying in wait for him. They quickly slam the door after him, preventing his exit, and pull his towel from him – just as Pandora comes in! Take a look at the trailer here to see what takes place when she is shocked at what they are doing to their Spanish friend. But as soon as the females yank his hands apart and his massive cock pops out, she alters her opinion. The babes then take him, all of them slurping on his large penis until he ejaculates a big cumshot onto Melody’s blouse and bare thighs!

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Guy Fakes Being Hypnotized So He Is Able To Strip Naked And Have A CFNM Blowjob

Fake Hypnosis from PureCFNM

Honour and boyfriend Jake wish to have a Clothed Female Naked Male situation but don’t wish matters to grow awkward with their pal Jasmine. So Honour pretends to hypnotize him and tells him to take his clothes off in front of her to prove he is properly under. Take a look at the trailer here to see what takes place when she then invites Jasmine to wank and then taste his dick! With both babes tag teaming his erection, the defenseless man soon shoots a giant cumshot onto Jasmine’s boobs, giving her a short time to tidy up before Honour brings him from the pretend trance.

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Girls Interrupt Phone Sex And Wank His Cock Without Girlfriend’s Knowledge!

Interrupted Call from PureCFNM

Joe is having filthy chat with his girlfriend when his four flat-mates barge in. He is humiliated and tries to force them to get out without his girlfriend overhearing but they won’t budge. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as instead they begin touching his penis as he carries on speaking hardcore to his wife! They bend over and show him their firm young asses and take turns to jerk him off until he enjoys a vocal explosion without his girlfriend finding out what just happened!

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Shoplifter Is Humiliated And Jerked Off By Angry Retail Girls

Caught Stealing from PureCFNM

When Eva finds a guy trying to steal from her store she is livid. With her two lady assistants they march him into the store room and take his clothes off to search him – only to unearth that he is wearing one of their items of clothing! Watch the trailer here to view what occurs as they tug these off and giggle at his exposed dick but then their thoughts turns horny. They shove him onto a seat and each have a go to jerk his pulsating cock, stroking him until he spurts a massive load all over his own legs much to their entertainment!

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Female Bar Managers Love Groping Men Auditioning To Be Dancers!

Open Auditions from PureCFNM

Hopeful newcomer Axel is having a go at stripping at the venue’s open auditions. The totally female selection line up get off on his gyrating and get more friendly as the clothes come off. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs when he is left with only his underwear and the girls yank it down and grab hold of his dick. Stroking soon isn’t sufficient and he has two mouths at a time pleasuring his testicles and pulsating penis. When he blows his jizz all over Candi’s exposed thighs, April slurps it off as Holly talks him through his newly secured career!

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Two Babes Catch A Man With Morning Stiffie And Sit On His Face While Sucking His Cock!

Dreaming Of Pussy from PureCFNM

Clea and Cherri walk into their friend’s bedroom and are taken aback to find he has a morning erection! Watch the sample clip here to see what occurs as they are excited by the length and slide back the covers to get a better look. When Cherri touches it Axel stirs and the girls inquire what he was thinking of. He says he was thinking about eating a girl’s vagina so Clea quickly slides her underwear to the side and straddles his mouth! He buries his face in her shaved vagina as Cherri sucks his cock and then they both suck him until he has a huge explosion!

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Office Babes Make Elderly Male Colleague Have A Huge CFNM Orgasm As Leaving Present!

Happy Retirement from PureCFNM

The office girls want to give Mark a great party on his final day at the company but they discover he is not excited about retiring because his partner has signed them up to a nudist camp and he is too anxious to go! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens when the females agree to help him past his nervousness and take hold of him. They undress him completely, complimenting him on his dick when it flops into sight. As they take turns to jerk it the elderly man quickly has a large orgasm which surprises and excites the young girls.

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