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Jack has forgotten his PE Kit again so teacher Rebecca forces him to do the class in his underwear – but he isn’t wearing any! Watch the sample clip here to see what happens as, to teach him a lesson, she hauls him before the whole lesson and takes his clothes off in front of all the girls! The embarrassed lad is then made to play with himself in front of them while they all make jokes before the women want to have a feel themselves. One by one they masturbate and blow his penis and even the tutor has a turn before he spunks in Liz’s mouth, his spunk drooling from her lips!

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Dr Misha is carrying out her thesis on male arousal and has convinced four nude male victims to be guinea pigs. One by one she beckons forward the embarrassed males|guys|men]] and carries out a series of studies on their cocks. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs as to begin with she plays with their cock and balls and compares them with the others. Then she gets a ruler and marks each dick length on her book. She even snaps a load of photos of their stiff boners to show her women co workers before milking each male into a cup and studying the load!

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Sade is depressed because her inexperience with men is hindering her from having a relationship. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when her three pals decide to fix this and call the gardener in from the yard. Sade dies of embarrassment as they tell him to strip and when he declines they jump on him and tear his clothes off. The innocent girl stares wide eyed at her first dick and is gobsmacked when her friends force her to wank it. All of them then jerk him off until he shoots, causing Sade to ask “what’s all that white goo?”

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At the end of an evening out nightclubbing, the girls have said Sam can spend the night in their hotel room. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as he has no pyjamas with him but the ladies tell him to jump into bed naked. As the women take their clothes off and get into their satin nighties, Sam grows extremely excited. When they fall asleep he starts playing with himself but Vickie opens her eyes and notices him. Alessandra stirs too and both ladies wish to play with his dick as he obviously can’t sleep in that condition. The poor guy quickly has a large ejaculation for them.

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When two students allege that the new male professor flashed them, the headteacher has no choice but to investigate. She calls the young professor into her study and gets the students to recreate what he did in front of her. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place as the professor is commanded to take off his clothes and then wave his penis in front of them as they make fun of him. The girls then sit him down and take turns to play with his boner, receiving a lesson in how to control a male from the head teacher. As the teen ladies stare in shock he cums everywhere!

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