Females Con Guy Into Taking His Clothes Off By Claiming The End Of The World

End Of The World from PureCFNM

Scarlet rushes in and explains she has just been watching the news. Take a look at the trailer here to view what takes place when they discover a comet is on a collision course with earth and they have only one hour to live. They discuss what they wanted to do in their last hours and their interest peaks when Mark explains that he has always wished to get all his clothes off in a room full of females. As they are all destined to die in any event they convince him to live out his fantasy and he takes his clothes off in front of the ladies who are soon shouting out with arousal. They each have a go to stroke his penis until he jets a large cumshot for them.

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Nudist Is Jerked And Sucked On National TV

Defending Naturism from PureCFNM

A Live chat show is debating the pluses and minuses of naturism and are featuring a naked guy on their panel. As he talks with two clothed feminists, third female panelist Mandy gropes his penis and begins stroking it. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when this Dutch female is in favor of naturism herself and as she gets his penis fully erect the other females quickly see the light. They can’t stop feeling it and each take turns to jerk the giant penis and two of them each have a go at sucking it. It’s not long before he jets a huge load all over Mandy’s dress!

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Chained Up CFNM Man Is Made To Have Multiple Cumshots From Four Different Ladies

Take Turns On Him from PureCFNM

Dan’s wife discovered him jerking off to porn and to teach him a lesson she has restrained him with no clothes on in their bedroom and summonsed her female pals round. As they tuck into the wine in the living room, one at a time she sends the friends in to have their way with him. Watch the sample clip here to watch what happens as the women agree not to make him spunk but one by one they forget their agreement and stroke and suck him to orgasm. The unlucky dude receives FOUR milkings one after the other as the raunchy girls laugh at his complaints and have their way with him!

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Fitness Boss Gets Ass Job From Three Women In Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants from PureCFNM

Three hotties are looking round the most sought after fitness center in the vicinity but when they hear the price they decide to grind a discount from the boss. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place when they beguile him with their tight fitting work out pants and soon have his groin tenting at the view of their luscious bums. They take all his clothes off and take turns to caress his hard cock against their work out pants, then treating him to an “ass job” where his dick is wanked between their butt cheeks. It doesn’t take long before he shoots on Antonia’s beautiful ass!

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Ladies Find Out Friend Used To Be A Male Stripper And Demand To See His Routine!

Wildest Thing Ever from PureCFNM

Four friends are discussing the most adventurous things they have been involved with in their lives. Watch the sample clip here to see what takes place as Justin admits he once did a striptease in front of 100 women for a worthy cause! As soon as he admits he even still owns the velcro thong he used, the women insist on seeing him in action. He is very embarrassed but begins dancing and undressing as the women grow more and more raucous fondling him and yanking his pants down to get to his pulsating penis. They then each have a go to stroke and taste it until he erupts all over their stockings!

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Hot Babes Strip And Play With Each Other As They Watch A CFNM Sex Show

Lesbian CFNM Voyeurs from PureCFNM

Yasmin and Brad are desperate to get into bed as soon as their friends go out. But when the flatmates return, they notice noises and begin peeping from the door. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what happens when the two voyeurs start kissing and playing with each other as they see their mates screwing. When Brad spots the voyeurs they beg them to keep going as they sit next to them and study his cock at close range. This excites Brad so much he takes his cock out of Yasmin’s pussy and jizzes all over Yasmin’s negligee. She then collects up his semen and swallows it!

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Female Mob Boss Commands Rival To Take His Clothes Off And Have His Dick Sucked

New Bitch In Town from PureCFNM

Sade is the new mob boss in town and she’s expanding her empire. She goes round to Luke’s house to teach him who’s in charge now and chains up his lover. When he walks in she forces him to undress completely and let her caress his dick while Stella stares in annoyance. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when she removes Stella’s gag and makes her suck his dick. The sight looks so sexy that Sade wants a taste for herself. With both women blowing his cock and nuts, it’s not long before Luke blows his semen all over them. He’s Sade’s toy from this moment on . .

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Lady Tattoo Artists Take Man’s Clothes Off And Give Him A Three Girl CFNM Blowjob

Tattoo Shop from PureCFNM

When a guy walks into a tattoo shop to arrange for some new artwork on his groin area, he wasn’t expecting the female tattoo workers to take such an eager interest in the ink work! They pulls his pants down so they can study the area and take their time caressing their hands over the area the design will go. Watch the sample clip here to view what occurs when he gets a hard on. The girls then explain they need to get rid of it before commencing the design. The three of them then take turns to give him a blowjob until he erupts everywhere for them!

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Three Females Wrestle Over A Naked CFNM Guy’s Cock

Prank Apology from PureCFNM

Max has occupied the bathroom so long that as soon as he comes out Roxi plays a prank on him and yanks his towel, showing off his penis to Holly. Not long after she regrets doing it and goes to say sorry but seems more interested in getting another peak than apologizing. Take a look at the trailer here to view what occurs when she is soon wanking his cock – right when Holly comes in! The females begin fighting over his cock until Jesse walks in to referee. Pulling apart the two babes Jesse simply decides to have a feel herself so Holly shoves them both aside and sucks his cock until he shoots!

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Fitness Women Strap Man To Inversion Table Cut Off His Shorts And Make Him Jizz In His Own Mouth!

Inversion Table from PureCFNM

Four gym babes tie a guy to an inversion table to see how good a work out his physique is able to get out of it. But when they check how tense his legs are they notice that he is getting a hard on. Take a look at the trailer here to view what takes place as they are upset about his unprofessionalism and agree to teach him a lesson. They tear away his pants with scissors and then each have a go to play with and taste his cock. As soon as he erupts all over himself they hold his head so the spunk drips down his body into his own mouth as they howl with laughter!

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