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Outdoor Yoga from PureCFNM

Tina is instructing an open air yoga session in the stunning grounds of the fitness center. But midway through she spots the only guy in the session ogling the girls’ backsides in their tight yoga leggings. Watch the sample clip here to view what takes place when a bulge forms in his shorts and she challenges him about it. The women encircle him and tug off his outfit to examine further. They enjoy the sight of his muscular physique and large boner and start fondling it. They shove him to the ground and each have a turn at tasking his cock until he shoots his cum all over the place!

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Anti-Porn Campaigner Has Her Hair Covered In Jizz By 6 Nude CFNM Guys

Feminist Payback from PureCFNM

Feminist Hannah Shaw is conducting a television broadcast concerning the harmful effects of sex films when three glamour models enter the studio. The ladies have escorted a load of naked male studs with them and they proceed to jack them all off until they are going to ejaculate. Watch the sample clip here to watch what happens as one by one the guys go on set and spurt their jizz on Hannah’s hair and shirt. Jizz is running down her perfectly prepared shiny hair and her shirt turns translucent from the wet cum. She is shocked when she discovers that a group of men have jizzed her!

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Male Patient Cons Two Nurses Into Jerking Him Off

Dying Wish from PureCFNM

Two nurses start their shift and are hoodwinked by a guy who convinces them he is terminally ill. Watch the sample clip here to watch what happens when he then informs them that he has merely one dying request – a final orgasm. He tells them he is single and they feel sorry for him, giving him a horny bed bath and soapy wank before Roxxy cleans his penis and places it in her mouth! The women jerk and blow his dick until he erupts all over the place. As soon as the consultant walks in and tells them that he will make a full recovery they get extremely annoyed!

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No Fraternizing from PureCFNM

Tina has traced the departure of some of her top lady workers to the issue that they fucked Dru in the sales team. She beckons him in for a showdown and with the help of her two secretaries, she wants to see what all the commotion is for. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what occurs when they take all his clothes off and their mouths fall open in awe as his large cock springs into sight. They then each have a go to swallow his cock before Tina rips her blouse apart and he explodes onto her bra! No fucking the workers from now on!

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Three Ladies Come Across A Nudist And Take Advantage Of His Cock!

Can I Have My Ball from PureCFNM

Three ladies are having a stroll in the woods when a volleyball rolls out of a nearby clearing. Watch the sample clip here to view what happens when it is rapidly proceeded by a naked man who covers himself in shock as the girls howl with laughter. He is from the nearby nudist colony but the girls won’t allow him his volleyball back unless he puts his hands by his side. He reluctantly lets them see his penis and as it begins to get bigger as they look at it, the babes agree to take a closer examination. They each have a go to wank him off until he jizzes all over the ball for them!

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Nurses Strip And Jack Off An Arrogant Junior Doctor To Bring Him Down To Size

Nurses Take Charge from PureCFNM

When a cocky junior medical student attempts to throw his weight around with two sisters they decide to take charge instead. They pin him up against the wall and grab him by the balls as they explain to him it is them who run this clinic. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what occurs as one pins him in place so her friend can strip him naked. Then they each have a good grope of his bare dick. They push him onto the bed and pin him in place as they each have a go to suck his cock until he shoots a thick wad all over the place for them!

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Wife Commands Young Maid To Suck Her Husband’s Dick

Can't Function from PureCFNM

Emma is getting dressed to go out to a fancy reception but her other half Jake walks in completely spaced out. His clothes are all over the place and he can’t speak coherently. Take a look at the trailer here to view what occurs as she realizes it is because males start malfunctioning unless they get a frequent ball emptying. She calls in teen maid Luna and instructs her to undress him. The young girl is taken aback when his cock jumps out and even more amazed when she is forced to suck it! The two ladies then wank and suck him until he has a massive orgasm, touching each other as they do it!

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Computer Nerd Has To Crack A System While Four Females Wank And Suck His Dick!

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Super loaded evil girl Jasmine needs to get access to a heavily protected computer system. Hacker Stanley is the one man who can do it quick enough but first she needs to make sure he is as good as she’s been told. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as her female henchmen hold him down him and sexy slut Alexis pulls his pants down and begins blowing his dick. While the ladies take turns to stroke and suck him, he must attempt to hack the code. The stunning females shortly make him cum everywhere – just as he breaks the system and breathes to enjoy] [[another day!

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After Jack is beaten in a wager by Holly and has to pose naked for a load of photos he has no inkling that she plans to invite two of her girl friends as well! He begrudgingly takes his clothes off and the women ask him to model as they take photos with their cellphones. Watch the sample clip here to view what occurs as they snap lots of selfies with his cock to forward on to loads of their friends and then begin jerking his dick. When he grows hard, Roxi pleads with him to allow her to record his ejaculation. He then shoots a massive jet of cum as she records all of it and sends it to all her women friends!

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Two women are walking through the park when they spot a pervert flash his willy at two young girls. Watch the sample clip here to view what takes place when they grab hold of the guy and take him back to the young ladies who wish to punish him. They make fun of him and smack his cock, then they force him to jerk off as they watch. When his penis grows the ladies want to have a play themselves and they each have a go to wank his cock. The view of young Lola and her braces, on the ground in front of him and jacking him off soon has the perv ejaculating everywhere as the females howl with laughter!

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