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Kimmie doesn’t like her sister’s fiance and would like to break them up. As soon as she finds him slightly inebriated after his bachelor party, she decides to find out whether her sister is with him because he has a large penis. Take a look at the trailer here to see what occurs when she asks her friend Samantha to assist and they undress him and begin jerking his penis. He begins groaning about how wonderful his fiancee is at arousing him and the women chuckle that he thinks it is the sister stroking him. They suck his cock until he shoots all over himself then take pictures before leaving without him knowing who has emptied his balls!

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Samanta is breaking up with her other half and her gang of girl pals have come round to make her feel better. They inquire if she has had some break up sex with him yet but she hasn’t got a clue what they are talking about. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what happens when the guy turns up to pick up his things and the females jump on him and undress him before passing him across to Samanta. She sucks his cock and then bends over and fucks his large dick in numerous positions before he spunks all over her as the rest of the females spectate and record it all!

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Police officers Chantelle and Ruby pull over a suspect’s car and decide to pat down the musclebound guy in the drivers seat. When they pat him down they find a giant bump in the front of his trousers. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what occurs as they strip him off and look inside his pants only to spot a huge weapon – his penis! The ladies can’t stop themselves jerking and sucking the huge dick and when a lady walking past inquires as to what is occurring they get her to have a good feel as well! He soon shoots everywhere much to the pleasure of all the ladies.

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Stunning blonde Chelsey is taken aback when Ava says she would like to go out with her ex. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what happens as Ava is convinced that he won’t mess around on her since she gives the best blowjobs in the world. Chelsey takes offence at this and the females commence arguing about who is better. When Jack strolls in they decide to have a competition, pulling his trousers off and competing with each other to swallow his cock. They take turns to suck his cock but at the moment he shoots, both of the women have hold of his dick and say they won!

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Defenseless Man Is Stripped Naked By Tutor So Young Student Can Jerk Him Off

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Emma is attempting to teach teen Luna about the important points of being a confident woman so she has the skills to grab herself a wealthy gentleman. Unfortunately the clueless youngster isn’t able to walk or talk correctly so Emma chooses to teach her the one alternative method to get a man – get good at jerking his penis! Take a look at the trailer here to watch what happens when she summons in the handy man and takes his clothed off in spite of his complaints. Luna is shocked to set eyes on her first penis but listens to Emma’s explanations and is soon stroking his dick so skilfully that the defenseless man ejaculates all over the place!

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Women Get Own Back Flatmate For Laughing At Girl Laid Bare On The Internet

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As soon as the ladies catch their flatmate Mark sharing pictures of some poor girl getting degraded by having nude photos of her passed around online, they agree to give him some of the same medicine. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as they undress him and hold his knees apart while they take photos and giggle their heads off. All the fondling and teasing quickly has his dick rock hard and the girls laugh at how excited they have made him. They then take turns to blow him until he explodes for them – then they hold him down and snap more photos!

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Kirsty is very angry with her sugar daddy for not paying her enough attention in recent weeks. She plans to punish him by degrading him with her gorgeous blonde buddy Louisa. Take a look at the trailer here to see what occurs when first she makes him take his clothes off in front of them and then they burst out laughing as they see how rock stiff his dick is! She restrains his arms behind his back and forces him to kneel on the floor before spanking him with a paddle while Louisa jerks him off. The arousal and punishment at the same time grows too much and he explodes all over the place!

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Three women enjoying a walk in the countryside find a nudist camp and decide to take a sneaky peak. When the naturists spot them they invite them over and the girls are soon right in front of a number of bouncing cocks! Watch the sample clip here to see what happens when lady naturist Tina wants to show off her colony colleagues and explains to the babes that their dicks are enormous when erect. She then aids each female grab a cock and start stroking to find out who is the largest and which one ejaculates first! Emma even swallows her dick before several male orgasms shoot through the air!

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When Paris explains to her girlfriends that her other half spunked in her face in spite of her begging him not to, they decide to get some revenge. Watch the trailer here to view what happens as the cocky guy walks in and announces that all ladies like receiving facials. But as they strip him off and giggle at his cock then throw him onto the floor and straddle his face he quickly alters his views. All four ladies have a go to fuck his face to find out how he likes people ejaculating all over his face. They suck his dick while they are doing it and he ejaculates a massive cumshot all over the place as they giggle!

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